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The owner of this website is Zapore Jai S.L. with VAT number B20954269 and with the following registered office: Calle San Jeronimo, 21, 20003, Donostia. San Sebastián, Guipúzcoa (Spain) and address for notifications at the same address, registered in the trade register of Guipuzcoa – Societies book volume 2342, Sheet SS-29.527, Folio 169-1ª.

The access and use of the website www. is free. This legal notices is completed with the Terms and Conditions of Use available on this website, in order to provide information about the products and offers by Zapore Jai, as well
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Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

These Terms and Conditions of Use will be construed and governed by Spanish Legislation. In the event of any litigation originated form these conditions, parties will be subjected to the competent jurisdiction and to the exclusive competency of competent courts and tribunals.

General Conditions

Zapore Jai, responsible for this website, makes disposable the present document for the users to comply with the obligations contained in the law 34/2002 regarding Services of the Information Society and E-commerce. Users expressly agree to use this website on their own responsibility and they undertake not to damage the image, reputation or any of the rights either of Zapore Jai or any other entities of the group when using this website.

The owner of this website is Zapore Jai with the business name Zapore Jai, VAT number B20954269 and with the following registered office Calle San Jeronimo 21, 20003, Donostia- San Sebastian, Guipuzcoa (Spain).

The information compiled on this website shall be considered by users as informative and guidance, both in relation to its purpose and its effects. This is why Zapore Jai does not bear responsibility for any inaccuracy appeared on this web site.

Privacy Policy

Users agree to use the website and its content in good faith. In compliance with the established Organic Law 15/1999 for Personal Information Protection, personal information will be managed with the highest confidentiality and will be part of the files owned by Zapore Jai, so the can be used for commercial purposes that may bind us, to send emails, delivery of the purchased products and inform about offers that we think might be interesting to the user. It implies the acceptance of this Legal Notice, it also authorizes

Zapore Jai to manage personal data the user shall provide us with. Users don´t need to give any personal detail to access the website. The computer where this website is hosted uses cookies to improve the services rendered by Zapore Jai. These cookies are automatically installed in the computer used by the person visiting the website, but they do not storage any kind of information about the users.

Zapore Jai presumes that personal details have been provided by the user or by an authorized person. Zapore Jai also presumes they are correct and accurate. In accordance with the provisions and circumstances provided under the current legislation related to privacy, Zapore Jai has adopted the adequate security levels to protect the data provided by the user, moreover, Zapore Jai has taken all measure to prevent the lost, misuse, variation, non authorized access and theft of data.

Exercise of rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition

User´s details

It is the user´s responsibility to keep this data updated. The user will be entitled to access, modify, cancel and oppose all his personal information anytime, included the registration forms. To execute this right, the user will have to access ” My account” the user is therefore responsible for the truthfulness of the information and Zapore Jai will not have any responsibility for the inaccuracy in user´s personal details.

Use of cookies

Cookies are necessary for the correct use of our website. Cookies are used with the purpose of improving the service, but they do not storage any personal information about the users. The obtained information is anonymous. If you do not wish to receive cookies, or want to be notified before they are placed, you may set your web browser to do so. Please check your browser instructions and user guides for further information.

Links or Hyperlinks

This website might include links to other sites. However, Zapore Jai will not be responsible for their content or for any damage caused by their content. Links to other sites are offered just for comfort for the user. Any third party interested in including a link or reference to this website, needs to contact us for explicit authorization. Additionally, such links will have to respect the following conditions:

(a) Links will exclusively be to the homepage of this website.

(b) The existence of a link shall not involve any kind of agreement, contract, sponsorship or recommendation by Zapore Jai towards the website from which the link is established, unless it is a consequence of the agreed relationship between both parties.

Zapore Jai is entitled to withdraw the above mentioned authorization, without having to give any explanation. In such case, the website where the link is set, will have to immediately suppress it, as soon as the notice of Zapore Jai ´s authorization withdrawal is received.


In the case that any of these clauses is considered invalid, the rest of the clauses will remain valid and will be interpreted having on account both parties will and the aim of the clauses. Zapore Jai will be entitled not to make use of the rights and abilities compiled in this document. The non-use of those rights, shall not imply to renounce the mentioned rights, unless such recognition is explicitly made by Zapore Jai.

Zapore Jai shall not bear responsibility for:

The uses that users of this website may make with the content on this website, or websites to which there are links, whether they are prohibited or allowed in reference to the intellectual and or industrial property rights. The possible damages caused by the users normal or abnormal operation of the search tools, organization or location of the content and/or access to the web and, in general, errors or problems generated in the development or implementation of the technical elements that the website or provide to the user program.

The content of those websites which users can access through links included on this website, whether they are allowed or not. The omission of third parties independent from the fact that these third parties had any contractual relationship with Zapore Jai.

The access of underage to the content on this website, as it is responsibility of their parents or guardians to properly control their children´s activities or to install any internet control tools to avoid the access to sites or contents which are not suitable for them, as well as giving their personal details without their parents approval.

Zapore Jai will not be responsible in any case for:

Mistakes or delays when the user fills in his personal data in the order form, the delay or incapability or the recipient to receive the order confirmation or any fault that could happen when those incidents are due to problems with internet, unforeseeable circumstances or to any other cause not related to Zapore Jai.

The mistakes or damage caused by a misuse or bad faith of the user. The inoperability or problems in the operation of the email address provided by the user to receive the order confirmation. However, Zapore Jai commits to solve any problems that may occur and to offer all the necessary support to reach a fast and satisfying solution to the incidence.

Zapore Jai has also the right to temporarily drive promotional campaigns to promote the registration of new members to our services. In the case that Zapore Jai detects any anomaly, abuse or non-ethical behavior, Zapore Jai reserves the right to modify the conditions of promotions, extend them always with proper notice or to exclude any of the users of the promotion.

User responsibility

Misuse of the site: Zapore Jai has created this website to spread its activity and to ease the access to its services, but it can´t be controlled whether a different use of the site is being done. This is why, the access to the website and the correct use of the information in there is responsibility of the person who is using the website. Therefore, Zapore jai is no responsible for the incorrect, illegal or negligent use the user may make. Zapore Jai does not take any responsibility for the damages caused by a possible impersonation by a user in any communication with the site.

Use of the content: Zapore Jai presents the content in good faith, nevertheless, it cannot bear responsibility on the use the users may make of the content of the site our of the proper context, therefore, all responsibility lies on the user.

VIRUS: Zapore Jai commits to apply all the necessary measures to guarantee the absence of virus, worms, Trojan Horses or similar on its website. However, these measures may not be completely infallible and, therefore, we cannot totally ensure the absence of the above-mentioned elements. Consequently, Zapore

Jai will not be responsible for the damages that such elements may cause to the user.

Modification on the terms of use

Zapore Jai reserves the right to modify any time the layout and settings of the website, as well as the legal notice. This is why, Zapore Jai strongly recommends the user to carefully read them whenever the website is accessed. The user will always have this Legal Notice in a visible and accessible place. In any case, the acceptance of this Legal Notice is essential when purchasing one of the products on this website.

Intellectual Property

Zapore Jai holds all the rights regarding the content, design and source code in this website and specially regarding the pictures, images, texts logos, designs, brands, trade marks and details on the web. We inform users that these rights are protected by Spanish and International current law related to the intellectual and industrial property.Without limiting the foregoing , the content of this website is also considered a software tool and, as such, it is protected by the Spanish and European regulation in that field.

All reproduction, partial or incomplete, of this website is totally forbidden without the express and written permission of Zapore Jai. The copy, reproduction, adaptation, modification, distribution, commercialization public communication or any other action which involves a violation of the current Spanish or International regulation in the field of intellectual and industrial property is also forbidden. The content of this website cannot be used without the express and written permission of Zapore Jai.

Zapore Jai advises that they do not give any implicit license or authorization of the intellectual or industrial property rights related either directly or indirectly with the content appeared on the website.